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Easy volunteer opportunity!

The Turning Point Action app is an easy way to help my campaign. This app was developed by Turning Point Action to help Republican candidates win with the help of volunteers like you!

Below you will find instructions for installing and using the app to reach out to Republican voters near you. The screen captures used here are from an iPhone but Android will be similar. Red Arrows and Red Rectangles highlight what you need to click in the following pictures.

For my volunteers, please use the following script when contacting voters:

"Hi, my name is [your name] and I am reaching out to you on behalf of Clay Pryor who is running for Bernalillo County Clerk. Clay would like to remind you that your vote counts and he would appreciate you voting for him. You can learn more about his campaign on the web at"

NOTE: Any campaign is welcome to use this tutorial. If your campaign is in Bernalillo County and you use this tutorial, please ask your volunteers to mention my campaign when they contact voters in their area. Thanks!

1. Download the app. It is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Download from Apple iOS App Store

2. Once downloaded, you can open it from the App store or from your device.

Open TPAction

3. The App will open to this screen. Click the arrow like image in the upper left corner.

Select arrow like image

NOTE: For your first time use, or after you have logged out, you have to enter your mobile phone number followed by a confirmation code that will be sent to your mobile device.

Select arrow like image

Select arrow like image

4. This will give you access to a variety of voter outreach tools. Lets look at "Help Knock Doors" as an example.

Select Help Knock Doors

5. Clicking "Help Knock Doors" will open this screen. Click "VOTERS NEAR ME"


6. This will give you a list of voters that you can visit. I have grayed out names and addresses. Your's will show the names and addresses. Click "Open Map" to see a map view.

list of voters that you can visit

7. In the Map view you can click "start walking" to see a suggested route.

Map View

8. Here is a contact list shown in a map with a suggested route.

Map View with route

9. In addition to "Help Knock Doors," the following other options are also available. All work in a similar way:

Other options

Thank you!

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