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Honesty, Integrity, Competence, Transparency

Thanks to your support we won the primary!

Now that the primary is over we need to reach out to the voters of any party and no party affiliation who will participate in the Bernalillo County General Election. We need to give them good reasons to vote for us over our rival. We also need to reach out to voters who will vote for us if we can convince them to vote at all.

To potential donors, I have created a model to calculate the probability of winning based on actual voter data and my strategy for voter outreach. My current estimate is a 51% to 58% probability of winning (depending on assumptions and certain parameter settings). Due to the volume of voters that we will need to reach out to, it will take money to win. I do not want to reveal too much of my model publicly (for what I hope are obvious reasons) but I am eager to go through the details behind my estimates with potential donors so you can decide if it is worth investing in my campaign or not.



What does the Bernalillo County Clerk Do?

Please see Bernalillo County Clerk Duties (extracted verbatim from the 2023 - 2024 edition of the Bernalillo County Budget Book)

Why vote for me?

As YOUR Bernalillo County Clerk I will work to ensure the utmost level of accuracy and public confidence in our election systems and other business processes in the county clerk's office. My decades of experience in the optimization and automation of business systems will enable me to do that. My current understanding of how tabulators are used, regulated, and verified in Bernalillo County will ensure that the Bureau of Elections provides accurate, reliable and transparent election operations and results.

An essential part of transparency is to maintain a public presence ensuring that the voting public is made aware of election systems. We must clearly communicate a correct understanding of the processes in place and any issues encountered. We must present clear, correct, and precise problem solutions and process improvements. I have encountered first-hand the need to push back on the Secretary of State for transparency when ensuring current election laws are followed. We must also be willing to educate the public and our legislators if election laws need to be changed to better serve our voters.

My qualifications include

Thank you!

Why financially support my campaign?

Effective Use of Campaign Resources

Your donations will be used mostly for marketing mailings to those who share our commonsense values no matter what their official party affiliation. There are registered voters who do not want to hear from people with our viewpoints. I have data that shows me clearly who they are. There are a majority of voters across all party lines, including many Democrats, who will vote for me. I will focus my time and your resources reaching out to the people who will vote for me rather than wasting my time and your resources bothering those people who do not want to hear from us.

Some like-minded voters have a low propensity to vote. We will reach out to these voters and encourage them to participate. Absentee ballots might be a good alternative for those voters. I will also use campaign contributions to reach out to absentee ballot requestors once their ballot is sent to them.

Why volunteer for my campaign?

We all know that volunteers are crucial to campaigning. I appreciate every volunteer and I promise to make the most effective use of your valuable time!

If you only have a small amount of time available but would like to help reach out to fellow Republicans, please consider using the new Turning Point Action App. I put together a short tutorial to help get you started.

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