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LSS Award




Honesty, Integrity, Competence, Transparency

Experience leading technical teams

During the course of my career at Sandia National Labs, I was promoted from Member of Laboratory Staff (MLS), to Member of Technical Staff (MTS), and Senior Member of Technical Staff (SMTS) for my technical skills. After demonstrating continuous and consistent leadership skills, I was promoted to Principal Member of Technical Staff (PMTS).

As a PMTS at Sandia, I led several technical teams in enterprise application development, tester software development, and a major project to replace a custom built enterprise search application with a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) package that saved significant amounts of money and freed up Sandia staff to work on more important projects.

For this effort Sandia rewarded me with the following: "FY18 Top 3 Improvements Recognition Award - Team Lead." Of course my team members were recognized for their roles as well.

I went on from there to lead teams in personalization of search to provide more relevant search results to Sandia internal system users. For these efforts, members of my teams and I were asked to present at many conferences including:

My style of leadership is based on consensus and respect for others. I allow others to pursue their own technical interests as much as possible as long as they are directly relevant to the goals of the project and the essentials are accomplished.

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